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      General Assembly

      The General Assembly (GA) is the highest authority of ICSU and consists of representatives of the Scientific Union Members and of the National Scientific Members.

      Since the inaugural event in 1931, which established ICSU, the organization has has held regular General Assemblies. These meetings provide a forum for conducting ICSU business and allow leading scientists to identify and discuss the world’s most pressing scientific issues.

      Delegates at the 31st ICSU General Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2014. Photo: Brendon O'Hagan/ICSU

      The GA meets every three years and is responsible for setting the general direction, policies and priorities for the next triennium. In 2005, after more than 70 years existence, ICSU underwent a transition, the key element of which was the approval of ICSU’s first ever strategic plan by the 28th GA in Suzhou, China.

      The 31st General Assembly of the International Council for Science was held in Auckland, New Zealand, from 30 August to 3 September 2014. The next General Assembly in 2017 will be held in Taipei.

      Terms of Reference for the General Assembly can be found in Statute 18 of the ICSU Statutes and Rules of Procedures.

      Next General Assembly:

      Past General Assemblies:

      Rome, Italy. September 2011
      Maputo, Mozambique. October 2008

      President: Goverdhan Mehta

      Resolution 29th General Assembly (english):
      Decisions 29th General Assembly (english):
      Decisions 29th General Assembly (french):
      Suzhou/Shanghai, China, October 2005

      President: Jane Lubchenco

      Decisions 28th General Assembly (french):
      Decisions 29th General Assembly (english):
      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. September 2002

      President: H. Yoshikawa

      Decisions 27th General Assembly (english):
      Resolution 27th General Assembly (english):
      Cairo, Egypt. September 1999

      President: W. Arber

      Decisions 26th General Assembly (english):
      Washington DC, USA. September 1996

      President: J.C.I. Dooge

      Santiago, Chile. October 1993
      Sofia, Bulgaria. October 1990

      President: M.G.K. Menon

      Beijing, China. September 1988

      President: J.C. Kendrew

      Berne, Switzerland. September 1986

      President: J.C. Kendrew

      Ottawa, Canada. September 1984

      President: J.C. Kendrew

      Cambridge, UK. September 1982

      President: D.A. Bekoe

      Amsterdam, Netherlands. September 1980

      President: C. de Jager

      Athens, Greece. September 1978

      President: F.B. Straub

      Washington DC, USA. October 1976

      President: H. Brown

      Istanbul, Turkey. September 1974

      President: J. Coulomb

      Helsinki, Finland. September 1972

      President: V.A. Ambartsumian

      Madrid, Spain. September 1970

      President: V.A. Ambartsumian

      Paris, France. September 1968

      President: J.M. Harrison

      Bombay, India. January 1966

      President: H.W. Thompson

      Vienna, Austria. November 1963

      President: S. Horstadius

      London, UK. September 1961

      President: R. Peters

      Washington DC. USA, October 1958

      President: L.V. Berkner

      Oslo, Norway. August 1955

      President: B. Lindblad

      Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 1952

      President: A. von Muralt

      Copenhagen, Denmark. October 1949

      President: J.A. Fleming

      London, UK. July 1946

      President: H.R. Kruyt

      London, UK. May 1937

      President: N.E. Norlund

      Brussels, Belgium. July 1934

      President: G.E. Hale

      Brussels, Belgium. July 1931

      President: E. Picard

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