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      5th World Conference on Research Integrity

      The 5th World Conference on Research Integrity will explore the challenges of promoting transparency and accountability in research and the consequences of the failure to do so, with the overall goal of developing an evidence-based agenda for addressing the various lapses of integrity that seem to have become an endemic problem in research today.

      May 28 – May 31, 2017
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      Program structure

      • Pre-conference activities
      • Plenary and concurrent sessions
      • Interactive poster sessions and exhibitor space
      • Ample opportunities for interaction between participants
      • Time for informal contact during breaks and the social events

      Topics of special interest

      • Interventions that work
      • Replicability
      • Plagiarism
      • Research on research
      • Research culture
      • Handling allegations
      • Role of the media
      • Detecting research misconduct
      • RCR education
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